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Press Kit
Please enjoy the following full length description of our firm.
Please send us any inquiries you may have: info@suzanneallen.com

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Suzanne B. Allen & Company Design, LLC
strives to create design with unusual comfort as well as great style
to delight the most discerning eye, executed with meticulous attention to detail.

The Firm offers:
A collection of Furniture with PersonalityTM designed by Suzanne Allen, 18th and 19th century Antiques selected in Europe by Suzanne Allen Interior Architecture, and Design for residential and commercial clients.

Inspired by her 25 years of "digging" in Europe, Suzanne Allen has developed a style that offers a uniquely appealing combination of classical proportion, romantic curves, sumptuously sculptural surfaces, and a subtle palette of color and texture. Designs are conceived and executed with unusual and extensive detailing of everything from architectural woodwork to upholstery, practical kitchen design and luscious gardens.

Suzanne is among the few designers with a strong decorative arts training and sensitivity to architectural integrity; she not only understands interior decoration, but how to put it together in a fresh and unexpected way with architecture, furniture, light, and ergonomics.
The result is design with an easy, distinctive, graceful and handsome elegance,
with a depth and substance clients savor for years.

Suzanne Allen began her career as a designer at age 6;  her early training in antiques, decorative arts and design began the next year.  Her professional career began at McMillen, Inc. in New York, where she worked with Louis Rey and Betty Sherrill. Her design projects have often involved complete interior gutting and redesign, and have ranged from the design of workspaces and trading floor with fiber optics for Manufacturers Hanover Trust Bank in New York to the interior design of the Washington residence of a senior Saudi Prince.

Suzanne Allen founded the Firm in New York in 1980 to provide a full service design team devoted to delivering the details of planning, execution, and service,  as well as the inspiration needed to conceive and deliver the highest quality design. Great style, always with a subtle but unusual twist, and a commitment to quality and service has enabled the Firm to quietly build a customer list for its Furniture which includes most of the top interior designers in the U.S., as well as a widely admired interior design practice.

The firm's interiors and furniture design have been featured in publications including:
House & Garden, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Veranda, Southern Accents,
Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Homes,  and The New York Times.

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What customers are saying about Suzanne Allen Design

"Every time I walk into one of your rooms, it makes my eyes dance."
- a design client in the Southeast

"Your Lyon chair is the best looking chair in America."
- well-known New York designer

"My favorite chair (The Napoleon III Tufted Chair)."
- says another well-known New York designer

"Scrumptiously divine design with extreme comfort. "
- says a long-time Interior Design client in the Northeast

"Our chair is beautiful!
My customer says it is the most comfortable chair she has ever sat in."
- a designer in New Jersey

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Our Collection of European-Inspired Furniture with "Great Style"

Sister Parish once said, "every room needs a personality chair." Easier said than done.
Today's top designers are familiar with the challenge: except for a few hard-to-find antiques,
there is almost nothing really neat in the market, even in "To The Trade" showrooms.

Suzanne B. Allen & Company Design, LLC has created a handsome collection of
upholstery, tables, mirrors, etc, based on some of the most unique furniture that
Suzanne has designed and collected over the years,
updated for modern usage and produced for sale "To The Trade Only".
As Sister Parish suggests, each piece has charm,
character and actually starts conversations
Suzanne affectionately calls these "great lookers you can live with."

Inspired by twenty-five years of "digging" for 18th and 19th century antiques in Western Europe
and with an eye for the unusual in character and scale, Suzanne has created
a collection of graceful furniture with personality to delight and inspire.
The designs are refined yet with playful movement to delight the eye.

They offer distinctive lines, pitch perfect proportion and scale,
luxurious comfort, and many delightfully unusual details.

While Classically-influenced, each piece is versatile -
so an architect or designer can easily adapt them to modern as well as traditional spaces.

Ten new designs were released in early 2003 to take the collection in some wonderful new directions.
Sneak previews have already produced great accolades from the select designers in New York.
Suzanne B. Allen & Company Design, LLC is dedicated to providing the utmost in
style, quality and comfort, delivered with exceptional service.
All designs are hand-made, hand-finished and in stock, available immediately.
Upholstery is executed in the traditional European manner (i.e., 8-way hand-tied coiled springs).
Traditional horse hair and numerous trimming applications are available.

To sit in one of our upholstered pieces is to enjoy true comfort.

The Company's furniture is available "To The Trade Only"
through Christopher Norman in New York and Los Angeles, or directly through the Firm.

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18th & 19th c. European Antiques & Our Custom-Designed Furniture

Suzanne B. Allen & Company Design, LLC, maintains a selection
of late 18th and early 19th century French, Swedish, English and Italian antiques
personally selected by Suzanne Allen with an eye for the unusual in character and scale
and available to the trade at our headquarters in Athens, Georgia.

The Firm also offers uniquely handsome sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, shades, fabrics, etc.,
custom designed and fabricated to meet the specific requirements of each client.
As with the Firm's collection of new furniture for sale "To The Trade Only",
sumptuous comfort; delightful line, scale and proportion; unique details in upholstery,
and paintwork are the hallmarks of our antiques collection and custom designed furniture.

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Interior Architecture and Design Practice

Suzanne B. Allen & Company Design, LLC was established in New York 1980
to offer residential and commercial clients a full-service design team with a highly developed sense of style,
knowledgeable in a complete vocabulary of stylistic approaches.

Our purpose is to help each client realize their specific needs; addressing lifestyle,
geographic location and architectural integrity.
The Company adheres to the philosophy of seamless integration of architecture and interior design,
employing the highest quality of materials and furnishings,
coupled with inventive interpretations of traditional
as well as contemporary detailing and craftsmanship.
Our design work reflects careful consideration of both design and practicality,
with careful planning and management of the project from design through installation.
The result is handsome and comfortable, carefully - executed interiors with really great style -
a continuous delight to the eye yet comfortable to live with.